Friday, February 21, 2014

Ted and RaeAnne Wedding

Ted and RaeAnne were married on February 1st. They are so sweet to each other and to everyone around them. It was so refreshing to see the bride and groom considering others before themselves. Many times they were overcome with emotion, which would get me teary. I know they will have a life time of happiness.

  Here is a link to a video of their wonderful day

Misha and Michaela

A beautiful way to begin this new year, 2 people devoting their love to each other. Although they are both young their love is deep.
Willing to go out into the frigid temperatures to get the images they wanted says a lot about their determination. I wish them happiness.

Above is a link to the video of their special day

John and Osiris Wedding

My first destination wedding! I was so excited to travel to the Houston area to enjoy this day with these 2 lovely people.
John and Osiris' got married in November near Houston TX.  The whole day was full of light hearted fun. Her bridesmaids traveled from all corners of the country, and yet his groomsmen were all from the area. There was laughter from the moment I arrived until they drove off.  Their day was truly decorated with the love they have for each other.

Here is a link to the video of their unique day.