Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Trip to Texas

Just noticed that I never posted this!!! So Sorry

Rick and I got to go to Texas to visit family. I was really hoping to get a reprieve from the Alaskan winter, but unfortunately that was not to be. We didn't have snow on the ground, but I still had to wear my coat most days.
We had a mini reunion, 61 members from both sides of our families showed up. Laughing, eating and reminiscing. One day is not enough to catch up with everyone, it went way too fast.
My brother and his wife drove down from Kansas, they got stranded 2 days when they were headed back from the blizzard that blew through Kansas, and the pan handle of Texas.
I had the opportunity to have 3 different shoots while there, 2 family and one 4 month baby.
I absolutely love this small town and all of the locations there. We went downtown one evening and then a few days later over to a farm.

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